This 6-hour course is an intense review of advanced neuroimaging, primarily focusing on magnetic resonance imaging. Computed tomography, spinal radiography, myelography, and clinical cases are incorporated into the course. Important points of physics and disease syndromes will be emphasized. 



Spinal Radiographs and Myelography
CT of Brain and Spine

Silke Hecht, Dr. med. vet., DACVR, DECVDI

Brain MRI

Jay Griffin, DVM, DACVR

Spinal MRI

Matt Winter, DVM, DACVR

This 6-hour course is designed to offer an intense, high-level review of clinical veterinary electrophysiology and electrodiagnostic testing aimed at the neurology resident. Topics will include brainstem auditory evoked responses, electromyography, nerve conduction studies, evaluation of the neuromuscular junction, and electroencephalography.   



Introduction to Electrodiagnostic Testing
Deafness and Auditory Testing

George Strain, PhD

Late Waves, RNS, MUNE, Cord Dorsum, SEP, SSEP

D. Colette Williams, PhD

This 6-hour course provides an intense overview of veterinary neuropathology. There will be a focus on CNS neoplasia, as well as spinal cord pathology.  



CNS Evaluation
Canine Glioma Classifications

Jey Koehler, DVM, PhD, DACVP (Anatomic Path)

Spinal Cord Pathology

Serena Craft, DVM, DACVP (Anatomic Path)

Muscle & Nerve Pathology and Diseases

G. Diane Shelton, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM)