This 3.5-day course will provide Candidates with advanced training in equine respiratory, cardiovascular, renal, neurologic, dermatologic, and gastrointestinal diseases (equine and food and fiber animals).  This Boot Camp is designed to support the training that residents receive at their institutions by providing an intensive experience with experts in these fields. The course will have a significant hands-on laboratory component while also providing attendees with an opportunity to network with other residents.

Topics Covered:
•    Equine Respiratory Disorders
•    Equine Neurologic Disorders
•    Equine Renal Disorders 
•    Equine Cardiovascular Disorders
•    Equine Skin Disorders
•    Caprine Gastroenterology
•    Food and Fiber Animal Drug Use

Upon successful completion of the course, Candidates will be able to:
•    Perform and interpret caprine abdominal ultrasonography
•    Perform and interpret advanced and commonly-used diagnostic procedures for respiratory disease of the horse; BAL, TTW, thoracocentesis
•    Perform and interpret an advanced examination of the equine neurologic system 
•    Perform equine or caprine LS CSF collection and interpret results
•    Perform equine AA or C1C2 CSF collection, myelography, and interpret results 
•    Perform mare and gelding cystoscopy, urine collection from the bladder and ureters, and interpret urinalysis
•    Obtain and interpret basic images of an echocardiogram
•    Explain atrial fibrillation, identify case selection for conversion, know the equipment involved in and the principles of TVEC, confirm electrode placement radiographically 
•    Perform and interpret equine gastroscopy
•    Perform skin biopsies, skin scrapes and use the results to diagnose equine skin disorders 
•    Discuss the common indications and restrictions of drug use in food and fiber animals


COVID-19 Protocol
A negative, clinician-delivered COVID-19 PCR or NAAT test** within 48 hours of your arrival at University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine is required for participation in the course. You will be required to show proof of a clinician-delivered negative COVID-19 PCR or NAAT test when you arrive at the registration desk.

**A clinician-delivered test is one administered by a licensed medical professional yielding an official test result with attendees’ name clearly shown on the test results

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