This 2.5-day course will focus on updates and current discussions of the hepatobiliary system. Content will be delivered by a group of internationally recognized experts from multiple disciplines, including pathology, surgery, nutrition, and radiology. Topics covered will include medical, interventional, and nutritional management of hepatobiliary disease in cats and dogs.

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

  1. Interpret hepatobiliary biopsy results and suggest an appropriate treatment plan.
  2. Understand biliary disease - underlying causes, diagnostics, and options for treatment.
  3. Formulate a nutritional plan for a cat or dog with hepatobiliary disease.
  4. Explain medical and surgical approaches for hepatobiliary disease.

On Demand registration still available! All sessions, including the live Q&As and panel discussions, were captured during the live virtual course in April and will be provided to all registrants for convenient, on demand access until September 23, 2023.

RACE Application Status: 
This course has been approved for 20 hours of both Live, Interactive and Anytime, Non-Interactive distance medical continuing education credits. Participants of the live course will be eligible for Live, Interactive credits for the sessions they attend during the live course. All other credit will be considered Anytime, Non-Interactive through our on demand access following the live course.  

For any participant, a maximum of 20 hours of credit should be claimed and may be a mix of the live and on demand programs. Individual participants are responsible for ensuring they do not claim dual credit for the same session. 

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