Full Name
Dr. Megan Grobman
Job Title
Assistant Professor, Small Animal Internal Medicine
Auburn University
Speaker Bio

Dr. Megan Grobman received her DVM at Washington State University. She then completed specialty training, a master’s degree, and PhD at the University of Missouri and was a part of the faculty from 2016-2019. Her Master’s degree focused on neurogenic inflammation in feline inflammatory airway disease. Her PhD focused on aerodigestive diseases in small animal medicine and the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. These included respiratory acoustic waveform analysis, the identification and treatment of dogs with lower esophageal sphincter achalasia-like syndrome (LES-AS), reflux scintigraphy, and the identification of reflux/aspiration biomarkers.

Dr. Grobman’s clinical and research interests include respiratory medicine, dysphagia, and respiratory biometrics.
Megan Grobman